Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you print anything?
    • We can print a lot of different designs, but unfortunately, we do have limitations. Including but not limited to: copyrighted or trademarked content (that means we can't do Disney logos or Batman logos, yes, even if you're not selling them, unless you're able to acquire permission from the owner of the copyrights), no nudity or sexual content (basically, keep it PG), there may also be some designs that we are not able to duplicate. So the best way to know if we can do something is to email us at sales@everylinedesigns.com with your design inquiry. Also, please refer to our Artwork Guidelines to avoid extra charges.
  • Can I bring my own t-shirt?
    • We prefer to work with our tested garments, but if you must bring your own then you do need to follow some guidelines (remember, you are not saving anything by bringing in your own garments)
      • Cotton or Polyester or a mix of both (no spandex, no rayon)
      • Nothing ribbed or stretchy
      • Brand new apparel only (DO NOT PRE-WASH, preferably with tags)
      • We cannot print over seams, pockets, or zippers.
      • We cannot guarantee the results in printing on customer provided apparel but we will do our best to provide satisfactory results
      • We will require a release form to be signed which will waive us from liability.
  • Do we get discounts when we buy more?
  • How long does it take?
    • For simple designs (one colour, text only, one printing location) about one hour per tshirt
    • For photos or multicoloured logos - we ask for 24 hours or 1 business day (we are closed on Sundays so Saturday orders are started on Monday)
    • Banners - we require 3 business days for banners
    • During the holiday season or busy occasions (Father's Day, when The Price is Right event is on, before big fundraising/awareness runs/marathons) - we normally have longer turn-around times during these times so the best way to find out how long it will take to get your order done is by emailing us your design and your requirements.